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About me

b. 1986, HK.


Im was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 9th July of 1985. In the secondary school, i studied as an Electronics Technician first and then i end as an Informatics Technician. At that time i was in love with music, i played in different bands during the school and i was in love with light and stage lightning design, with photography with the idea of capturing the "right and then lost forever" moment, and i started shooting on film and then digital live music shows at little bars and venues.

This ended with the start of my career on photography, filmmaking, advertising and video clips, as a lighting technician on set. I worked in various positions at the camera crew. In 2008, i started to study to become a DoP (Director of Photography) in both film and digital supports, at SICA (Sindicato de la Industria Cinematografica Argentina), learning from great professionals like DoP. Rodolfo Denevi, DoP. Favio Bastias and DoP. Aníbal Bosco.

At the same time, i have the luck of starting to work at the Digital Intermediate Area of Cinecolor Digital Argentina, one of the most important post-production houses in LatinAmerica. Two years later, i joined the Visual Effects Area operating Autodesk Inferno, and finally i started the first team of the Digital Restoration Area.

Along the years, our team carried out important projects and participations, such as the restoration of "Esperando la Carroza", the restoration and screening of "La Historia Oficial" at the Cannes Film Festival, the presentation at the FIAF Congress of the first argentinian short story "La Revolucion de Mayo" by Mario Gallo (1909), the filmography of Raymundo Gleyzer, Fernando Birri, Jorge Cedron, Pino Solanas, and more than 70 productions, including movies, series, shorts and news.

At this time, i also started shooting concert photography in bigger venues, shows and tours. I worked with great reggae & ska rock bands like Radio Roots, Karamelo Santo, Dancing Mood, Kapanga, Dread Mar I, Todos Tus Muertos, La Vela Puerca and covering all the concerts in Argentina of Manu Chao. That was a shift in my career as a photographer.


Then i started shooting for "El Pais Newspaper" in bigger festivals and international concerts and artists like the first Lollapalooza in Argentina, The Wall by Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Cypress Hill, Placebo, Imagine Dragons, The Strokes, Nine Inch Nails, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Capital Cities, Krewella, New Order, Vampire Weekend, Soundgarden and more.

I also had some photography works selected in different competitions like "ZoomBA 2008 competition" of the SCA (Central Society of Architects) with Clorindo Testa and Marcos Lopez as jury. A participation at the 9° San Pablo Biennial as a selected work for a Clorindo Testa site-specific installation. In Magnum Photography Awards 2016 with "People and Places" serie and 2017 with "Sensibility" serie, among the most viewed photographies competing.

At that time i also worked as assistant professor of "Introduccion a Proyectual I/II" (Prof. Arq. Manteola, Prof. Arq. Sztulwark, Prof. Arq. Turrillo) and "Sonido I" (Prof. Alejandro Seba) at FADU-UBA, and "Laboratorio II" (Prof. Leandro Visconti) at CIEVYC. I also teached extension courses and programs, such as "Digital Image Post-production Workflow" and in ECA, TCyM and "Design for 3D Printing", both at Universidad Nacional de San Martin.

I had the luck of being selected in 2017 to participate at the "Film Preservation & Restoration School Latin America" organized by L'Immagine Ritrovata and Cineteca di Bologna (Italy). I also traveled to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to do a short program about "Advances in Imaging: VR-AR, Machine Learning and Self Driving Cars" with Prof. Ramesh Raskar (MIT Media Lab), and "Additive Manufacturing: from the 3D Printing to the factory floor" with Prof. John Hart (Desktop Metal).

Actually, i just finished the "Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production" course of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) by Prof. John Hart. I keep studying "Industrial Design" at FADU-UBA (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo - Universidad de Buenos Aires), and im working as Technology Manager of the "Image Technology Area" and "3D Animation and Visual Effects" career at IAMK - Instituto Mauricio Kagel, Universidad Nacional de San Martin.